About the movie 'Innuendo'

Psychological thriller 'Innuendo' has already won an award in a Hollywood based screenplay competition and we have an incredible team of passionate filmmakers with a vision. The screenplay is often one of the most challenging parts of getting a film project started, we however are past that hurdle and ready to go make a feature film.

Many impressive names have boosted the project already with their extensive experience and knowledge, including Dee McLachlan (AFI winning director of the Jammed), Geoffrey Wright (director of Romper Stomper), Marko Jatkola (writer of Jade Warrior) to mention but a few.

Innuendo Introduction:

We are also very proud to announce that the award winning English composer Charly Harrison is attached to compose the music for Innuendo, it will be epic!

This film will be shot mainly in Australia with some parts in Finland. With the Finnish Australian creator Saara Lamberg, it will be all sorts of exotic wrapped up in a thrilling feature film that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Are you ready to jump on our journey? It will be an exciting one!

Suomenkielinen esittelyvideo (Introduction in Finnish):

Innuendo Psykologinen jännityselokuva
Suomalaisen Saara Lambergin Innuendo voitti pronssia hollywoodilaisessa Beverly Hills Screenplay- kilpailussa. Nyt sinulla on mahdollisuus tukea elokuvaa, jotta se saadaan paperilta filmille ja sinun silmiesi eteen.

Jos pidit näistä elokuvista, pidät tästä:Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, Black Swan, Basic Instinct, Girl Interrupted,  American Beauty, Dancing in the Dark, Silence of the lambs,  Hard Candy

Jos sinulla on kysymyksiä elokuvasta, tai indiegogo prosessista, lähetä ne osoitteeseen: innuendofeaturefilm@gmail.com, vastaamme pian- suomeksi!

More about the creator Saara Lamberg

I come from Finland, I studied in England and I am now working in Australia, where I received a Distinguished Talent Permanent Residency and citizenship.

I started my film career as an actor in hundreds of short films, some television and independent feature films. At the same time, I also studied production and writing and I am now really enjoying creating my own material.

One of my recent short films (produced, written and starring in) has been shown at ten international film festivals including LA, Toronto, Berlin, Sydney, San Francisco and so on. It also won the award for Best Music at the 48h film competition in Melbourne (the same composer will compose the music for Innuendo).
I am someone who has had to face adversity but who has kept persevering to get where I am now. Being bullied at school, having an alcoholic grandmother and a terminally ill mother have been some of the personal struggles I have had to face.

I don’t come from money, instead I have had to work hard and persist. Being an actor and filmmaker is not easy when you’re not affluent as so many aspects of building a career require personal investments. But I have a mad drive and I am resourceful in other ways.

In the world of filmmakers, there is only one female for every 15 males. One. In Hollywood, less than 30% of speaking parts go to women. So that’s a pretty difficult battle in itself. I have been lucky enough to win awards and my work has received critical acclaim and many festivals have invited my films on board.

I believe that good stories need to be told, and filmmakers need to make stories that not only entertain but also challenge the viewers.  I am interested in making films about mental health, family connections, and how people influence each other- in good or in bad. For more news, go to Saara's Homepage

Saara Lamberg Showreel

More about Innuendo

Here's some of the feedback the screenplay has received:
"This eerie, psychological thriller raises a lot of intriguing questions.--The images, the dialogue, the characters, the fantasies, and use of sexual innuendo are all ways in which this script demonstrates its artistic abilities. The story reads like poetry and looks like a dream. Characters are all rooted in reality but also function in a world of fantasy. Their thoughts and behavior are on the surface extreme yet inspired from feeling that are found in the depth of our subconscious. There is also an element of fearlessness in this script -- it was refreshing to read something so uninhibited.-- one aspect that’s undeniable is that this was a moving script with a unique voice and concept."
Table Read My Screenplay Contest (UK)

"Simply stated, I loved this script. I loved the characters, I loved the plotline, I loved the structure. I loved the cold, clinical atmosphere. It was so vividly written that I could easily see the pictures that go along with the words.
Tuuli is a fascinating, mysterious character who serves as both an emotional anchor point and an object of intrigue. I loved how you kept her at arm's length from the viewer. We know very little about her (Aside from a gradually revealed backstory) and are never quite sure of her true motives. Yet because she feels like a complete human being, we never doubt her. I mentioned the vivid visuals. The words pop off the page. You clearly have a plan for what you want this to be. It's very cold, like a wet windchill on a moist gray day. I was reminded of films like The American and Ghost Dog. Films that are boldly visual abstractions with strong characters formed out of a sturdy symbolic base."
BlueCat Screenplay Competition (US)

More about composer Charly Harrison

I believe good music can really make the film, and sound is one of the most effective ways to access the human mind. This is why I am going to work with one of the best composers in the business, Charly Harrison.

Charly studied music at the critically acclaimed Dartington College of Arts but for the most part, he is self-taught. He'd never had any formal musical training and didn't even read sheet music before he got accepted to study a degree. Most kids go through years and years of music theory and instrument training before getting  accepted to study at university level. Charly hadn't had an opportunity to do this, instead he learned his craft by spending hours and hours studying recordings of his favorite musicians. He delivered newspapers at 6am before going to school to be able to get enough money together to buy his first guitar, followed by a 4-track tape machine.

Where is Charly now? Well, you know those people who can just pick up any instrument and start playing it? Don't you just envy them? Well, Charly happens to be one of them... And he doesn't only play them, he combines different sounds in unexpected ways and he is always keen to explore his old instruments to find new ways of playing them and finding new sounds and variations.
Charly is awesome at taking direction and he is a delight to work with.
I have been very lucky to have Charly compose the music for all of my short films and last year he won the BEST MUSIC at the 48h film competition for our film Candy Cravings.

Innuendo Teaser

If you have any questions about the production, the story, the creators, or anything else please contact us at info@innuendomovie.com

Thank you for supporting Innuendo!

Saara Lamberg and the Team